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Anna-Marie & Trent

The Wedding

Anna-Marie and Trent's love story unfolded against the enchanting backdrop of Prince George at the Bednesti Lake Restaurant, creating a winter wonderland on a breathtakingly cold minus 20-degree day. The atmosphere echoed a royal affair with the bride and groom embodying the essence of a modern-day regal couple. Anna-Marie's stunning dress and the venue's moody ambiance set the stage for a wedding that felt like a majestic celebration straight out of a fairytale.

Before the ceremony commenced, Anna-Marie and Trent chose to share a heartfelt "first touch." This intimate moment allowed them to exchange heartwarming words and a few tears, creating a cherished space for connection before the whirlwind of wedding excitement unfolded. It was a special prelude to their union, providing a quiet, emotional anchor amid the joyous anticipation of the day.

The couple's journey began with their first date around a pool table, and on their wedding day, we recreated that magical moment. The images captured during this intimate and moody pool table session, with Anna-Marie, Trent, and their guests, became the highlight of the day—a priceless and heartfelt tribute to the beginning of their love story.

The entire wedding day was nothing short of amazing, and I had an absolute blast documenting these treasured moments for Anna-Marie and Trent. Each frame captured the warmth, joy, and regal vibes that made their wedding day a truly unforgettable celebration of love.

The Wedding

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