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Brittany & Thomas

The Wedding

Brittany and Thomas's wedding unfolded at the enchanting Fort Langley Community Hall, a location that holds a special place in my heart. This venue, known for its role in the production of "Once Upon A Time," became a backdrop for a real-life fairy tale. As a fan of the show, the hall's magical ambiance, where fairy-tale legends and modern life collide, added an extra layer of enchantment to the celebration.

Capturing Brittany and Thomas's love story in this captivating setting felt like stepping into the world of "Once Upon A Time." The air was filled with the magic and promise of new beginnings, reminiscent of the show's unique narrative that weaves together fantasy and reality.

Congratulations to Brittany and Thomas on a wedding day that echoed the magic of fairy tales! May your journey together be filled with the same wonder and enchantment that surrounded your special day at Fort Langley Community Hall.

The Engagement

The Wedding

Dawson Creek | Grande Prairie | Fort St. John | Chetwynd BC | Tumbler Ridge | Prince George | Western Canada

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