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Laura & Michael

The Wedding

Laura and Michael's wedding day was a picturesque adventure set against the stunning backdrop of Tumbler Ridge, BC. The unique journey to Kinuseo Falls added an extra layer of magic, with the bride and her party arriving by boat, offering an hour of breathtaking scenes along the way. Meanwhile, the groom and my second shooter opted for a scenic hike down to the waterfall.

The day continued to unfold with charming surprises, including a pit stop at the groom's workplace, where we captured unforgettable moments with a fire truck—Michael's domain as a dedicated fireman. We then paused in front of the RCMP building, a nod to Laura's workplace, adding personal touches to their wedding album.

Capturing Laura and Michael's day was truly an honor, and the experience was nothing short of amazing. From the boat ride to the waterfall and the meaningful stops reflecting their professions, every moment was a testament to their unique love story, making it a joy to document and cherish.

The Engagement

The Wedding

Dawson Creek | Grande Prairie | Fort St. John | Chetwynd BC | Tumbler Ridge | Prince George | Western Canada

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