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Shannon & Ryan

The Wedding

Shannon and Ryan's wedding day unfolded in the timeless embrace of St. Joseph Church, where tradition and intimacy blended seamlessly. Opting for a more classic approach, the couple focused on the main event and a selection of group pictures, creating an atmosphere steeped in the richness of tradition.

The moody interior of the Church provided a captivating backdrop, casting a spell of elegance over every moment. This small yet deeply meaningful celebration exuded a sense of quiet beauty, showcasing the couple's commitment to the essence of their union.

The simplicity and sincerity of their ceremony created an atmosphere of timeless love, and I wish them a journey ahead filled with continued joy and shared moments as they embark on this beautiful chapter together.

The Wedding

Dawson Creek | Grande Prairie | Fort St. John | Chetwynd BC | Tumbler Ridge | Prince George | Western Canada

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