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Suhita & Adi

The Couple

Suhita and Adi, along with their adorable canine companions, embarked on a charming couples session that radiated warmth and intimacy. Choosing the picturesque backdrop of a wooded area on a fall evening at sunset, the atmosphere was imbued with the soft hues of autumn.

In a whimsical twist, the couple opted for a cozy tea party amidst the trees, bringing along the simple joy of shared moments and a steaming cup of tea. As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a golden glow, Suhita and Adi's love was beautifully captured in this enchanting setting.

The session encapsulated the tender connection between the couple and their furry friends, creating a visual narrative that speaks of shared laughter, quiet moments, and the beauty found in simplicity. It was a pleasure to document this heartwarming tea party in the woods, a testament to the enduring love shared by Suhita and Adi and the delightful company of their two cute little dogs.

The Couple

Dawson Creek | Grande Prairie | Fort St. John | Chetwynd BC | Tumbler Ridge | Prince George | Western Canada

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